Symposium 'Massaging the Message' at Arthouse1 Gallery 2017
With guest speakers Professor Michael Archer (Goldsmiths College), Michael Glover (Art Critic for The Independent),
Anna McNay (Curator and Assistant Editor at Art Quarterly)

"Ball on the Beach", Video by Caroline Khouri
"The Horizon is Far Away", Video by Kimbal Quist-Bumstead at Espacio Gallery 2015
The Magma Group Public Performance
Saturday 24th November 2012  at 3.00 pm
Ambika P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS

Following on from the success of their previous live art performance in April 2012 at Tate Modern, which attracted considerable publicity, the Magma Group have choreo- graphed a mime performance using wigs and masks especially for TOAF. They will be accompanied by live music from Eastern European Klezmer band Balabustah and will introduce guest performer Dimitris Politis who is researching Performance and Art at Goldsmiths College London.

The aim of the performance is to demonstrate the group's ethos of combining conceptual and expressive qualities in their art, and involves the creation of a group art piece by 5 performers, whilst making gestural movements led by the klezmer music. The piece will be filmed by film maker Mark Levermore.

The Magma Group is an international exhibiting group founded by Annie Zamero in 2011. The aims of the group are to form an alternative path for the current of energetically expressive  contemporary art and to provide a showcase and network for artists whose work combines expression with concept.

The Magma Group Public Performance at The Other Art Fair 2012
'Video of Performance by Andrew McDonald at Espacio Gallery 2015'
Video of The Magma Group Panel Discussion on 'The Role of Expression in Contemporary Art' at Griffin Gallery 2014